Placard Request

Signage is a great way to build support for community campaigns.

To spread the word, we are offering free placards that can be fixed to your fence, placed in your garden, or anywhere else on your property visible to the passing public. Placards are printed on both sides. You can also download a poster here that you can print and place in your window.

RAGE placard

To request a placard, please submit your details below. A member of our team will be in touch to arrange a time and place for collection. If collection is a challenge, we can deliver within Ringmer only, though there may be some delay as we are a team of volunteers.

Resources are limited – please only request a placard if your intended placement is highly visible to passers by.

All materials are paid for with donations. Please consider donating to our cause here – this way we can keep up the fight against mass development in Ringmer.