Glyndebourne / Gleesons, Harrisons Lane & Potato Lane

Glyndebourne/Gleesons, Harrisons Lane & Potato Lane Appeals


Two separate applications were made by Gleesons Developments, acting on behalf of Glyndebourne.

Both were refused by Lewes DC officers, under delegated powers (so never went to the Lewes Planning Committee). Thank you to everyone who submitted objections.

The first sought permission for 200 houses to be built in the first two fields along Potato Lane, with a further area stretching almost to Ashton Green used for leisure, recreation and as a countryside buffer.

The second was for just the first 75-dwellings: the same development in the first field, the second field left blank for the time being, and the same leisure, recreation and countryside buffer area, all within the same site red line. It isn’t for a smaller development, as the site area is exactly the same, but is just intended as phase 1 of the original development. 

Both applications are outline applications in all respects except access, for which detailed permission for access onto Harrisons lane right by the school entrance is sought.

Both refusals are being appealed and both will be considered at a Public Inquiry starting on 13 June, probably at King’s Church. It is vital that as many objections as possible are submitted before the March 23 deadline to enable the Inspector to see the strength of local opinion against these applications, and for residents to attend the inquiry. Please put the date in your diary.


How to Object

Submit your comment online via the Planning Inspectorate web page (links below). As the two appeals are being considered together you just need to comment on the lead (200) development (appeal 3314192), but please make it clear that your comments apply to both appeals (also to appeal 3315235).


Reasons for objecting – choose the ones that matter most to you and please use your own words.



Car Dependent

Development here would be especially car-dependent, and thus unsustainable, as it is too far from the nearest useful bus stops (28 service). The 143 bus service passes the site entrance but is useless for commuting.


Use these links

Please submit your objections to the lead case before March 23rd and remember to state they apply to both appeals (also to appeal 3315235).

The lead case is on this link:

Lead Case

If you wish to write on both appeals (copy and paste or specific comments to each) the linked case is here:

Linked Case

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