Averys Nurseries, Lower Clayhill

Application LW/20/0011

Averys Nurseries, Lower Clayhill

Outline application for some workspace units & 53 houses.

Application Update:  REFUSED by LDC 7th April 2022

The reasons for the Council’s decision to refuse the above works are
specified hereunder.

1. It is considered that the location of the development, isolated
from basic facilities, with no footpath linkage and reliance on private
motor vehicles, would result in an unsustainable development contrary
to LLP1 policies CP7 and CP13, LLP2 policy DM25 and NPPF para 12, 14,
105, 110, 124 and 152.

2. The proposed development, through its lack of employment
floorspace and predominance of housing would result in the loss of an
identified employment site, identified for employment use within the
Ringmer Neighbourhood Plan Site EMP20, and would therefore be
contrary to that designation and Policy 5.1 of the Ringmer
Neighbourhood Plan , Policies CP4 and DM10 of the Lewes District
Local Plan, and NPPF section 6 para 85 

Averys development Ringmer

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